Join us at Hiker Heaven and do some great Leave No Trace trail magic! Make a connection with some of this year’s PCT thru-hikers, and help them along their journey. Hiker Heaven needs experienced hikers and novices alike to help with hosting. Not everyone does everything listed on the Volunteer Duties below . . . folks contribute what they are comfortable doing and duties are shared. But there is one thing to be aware of before committing to volunteer:  L-Rod is the Leona Helmsly of hiker hosts and has a way of doing things, so a little training in the “L-Rod Way” is provided/necessary. Suggestions are welcome, good ones are implemented. There’s a reason that Hiker Heaven is referred to as “a well-oiled machine,” and “run with corporate efficiency!”

Volunteer Duties:

(you don’t have to do it all — just what you’re good at!)

  • Greeting incoming hikers and providing introductory information.
  • Answering questions about Hiker Heaven or dispensing trail and gear advice when needed.
  • Running the USPS Click & Ship post office, and help with inbound and outbound mail.
  • Laundry, and lots of it. Washing the most wretched, smelly, disgusting laundry you may ever encounter. Ever.
  • Cleaning, cleanup, trash emptying, recycling. Includes bathroom and porta-potty cleanup.
  • Using your personal vehicle to drive hikers to and/or from doctors, train stations, or nearby trail heads.
  • General cat herding:  hiker photos, register signing, trip organizing.
  • Sewing and mending, or assisting with repairs.
  • Meal prep for the volunteers is a shared duty that is rotated amongst the volunteers.
  • Put up and take down of hiker boxes, tents, and hosting infrastructure.
  • Computer hardware and network help as needed.
  • Occasional emotional support and being a good listener

What is NOT Welcome:

We have a zero tolerance policy for any type of discrimination, bias, or comments based on any gender, sexual, racial, political, ethnic, religious, or cultural differences. Volunteers need to keep their opinions on any of these matters to themselves while helping at Hiker Heaven. We also ask that our volunteers do not project prejudgment about hikers based on any rumors or statements made by anyone;  everyone gets a clean slate when they walk in our gates (including our volunteers). Any volunteers engaging in activities or comments that are offensive to ANY ONE of our hiker guests or other volunteers are not welcome and will be asked to leave. Leering, stalking, making passes at others, or doing anything that could be considered as an unwelcome advance will result in being asked to leave. Because everyone is welcome at Hiker Heaven, and it is imperative that our volunteers create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.

Volunteer Accommodations:

  • 25′ RV, may be shared by 2-3 volunteers, has power and small refrigerator, no water or bathroom
  • Bring your own camper or RV (check with L-Rod re size first) power and water available
  • Tent or cowboy camping
  • Bathroom facilities (shared with hikers)
  • There are several hotels approximately 10 miles away


Volunteers are responsible for their own for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a shared meal amongst the volunteers, funded by Hiker Heaven or volunteer contributions. Responsibility for meal prep is rotated amongst the volunteers, with no obligation to participate if you prefer to dine out or do your own thing. There are several restaurants in town and more in Santa Clarita.


The duration of your volunteering are entirely up to you:  day, week, month, or more. We do require that volunteers take one day off a week when volunteering, coordinated with others. The pace can be hectic and fast especially during peak(s), and rest or down-time is important for volunteers as well as the hikers. We are open from March 1 through June 30, and will begin to see significant numbers of hikers approximately mid April until mid June.

Experience Required:

PCT experience is helpful and preferred, but not required. There’s an opportunity to learn as well as teach.

Number of Volunteers Needed:

Five to seven volunteers per day are needed from mid-April to mid-June. This number allows that volunteers can work half days. The peak number of hikers will be through late May, typically Memorial Day weekend, subject to weather conditions on trail.

For Information or to Sign Up to Volunteer:

Or add yourself to the calendar here; you will have to create an account to make entries.