Packages & Mailing

Packages being held for pickup in the Saufley’s garage.

You do not need to call us to ask if it’s okay to send a package or letter — IT’S OKAY!!! We get deliveries from all services:  USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

To avoid having your package lost, send it to:

c/o The Saufley’s
11861 Darling Road
Agua Dulce, CA 91390

NOTE:  our zip code comes up as Santa Clarita in some systems since we share the zip with some of their city — this is okay. Your package will get here, no worries..

PLEASE INCLUDE A RETURN ADDRESS!!! There is no longer a post office in Agua Dulce, and Century 21 and Richard’s Canyon Market are now long gone. The KOA in Acton WILL hold packages, as will the post office in Acton.

Packages sent to General Delivery, or to previous mailing addresses locally are generally forwarded here by the post office. The same its not true for packages sent to Acton or Santa Clarita post offices.

Please do not have your package require a signature for delivery, just in case we’re not available, unless you have pre-arranged something with us. Package drop-off is safe and reliable here. Hikers, family members, or friends are also welcome to drop off resupply boxes in person, if that works best for you.

Outbound packages are sent using USPS “Click & Ship” online, and picked up by our mail carrier.

We will  hold your package unless and until you direct us to forward or return it (or any other instructions you may have. If packages are left at the end of the season, they are sent back to the sender,  if sender information is included. If no sender/return information is available, we will open the box and put its contents into the hiker boxes. SO BE SURE TO INCLUDE A RETURN ADDRESS!!!