Hiker Heaven 2018

We’re Jeff & Donna (“L-Rod”) Saufley, trail hosts in Agua Dulce, California. We’re excited to say that 2018 will be year 21 hosting PCT hikers. To old friends and new, we look forward to welcoming you!

Hiker Heaven is at mile 454.4 nobo from Campo, at the end of section D and start of Section E. The official PCT register is here, and our garage serves as the mail pick-up for hikers in this section. You can send mail out from here as well.

In addition to being the mail drop, we provide camping and limited accommodations, showers, laundry, transportation hub, and tons of information to hikers about the local area. High-speed wireless internet access and telephones are available for you. There is no charge for any of the services we provide.

hot-dog-chiliHiker Heaven will be open for thru- and section hikers March 1 through June 30 in 2018. We are also open for southbound thru-hikers and mop-up finishers in the fall.  Sorry, no section hikers in the fall/winter — we’re trying to avoid burn-out and need our down time.

This year, like last year, we will be checking for PCT permits and only allow overnight guests who have a permit on the following weekends:  May 19-20, May 26-28, and June 2-3. The rest of the season, we do not check. We will hold packages for those without permits, and provide water and information, so do come by and visit. Please understand that we have limited resources and these weekends are the traditional peak. The 2017 Blog explains in more details.

We encourage hikers to stay for and rest-up with our three day, two night limit. We can host up to 50 hikers per night. We host on a first-come, first-served basis, no reservations required or available. As to who is welcome, it’s quite simple: anyone with two or four legs hiking the PCT. That includes trail dogs, horses, llamas, and goats.  If you have a car, we may be able to help you with parking (please contact us to confirm), but we ask that people arriving in cars find accommodations or camping elsewhere — you have choices that those on foot do not have.

If we cannot accommodate you, the KOA on Soledad Canyon in Acton welcomes overnight campers with cars, and there are motels in adjoining towns.

We’ve been told that a stop at Hiker Heaven is memorable part of the PCT experience. We hope you make a stay here a part of your plans!